Pass/Get Variable From Editor Utility Widget Into Level Blueprint

Is it possible to have a Level Blueprint access a variable that is set in an Editor Utility Widget or are those variables cleared when Playing In Editor? Currently I am initializing an array in my Editor Utility Widget by clicking a button, referencing said Widget and Variable in the Level Blueprint, but then getting an error of “None” when Playing In Editor. The reason I am doing this is because it seems that the majority of useful Sequence functions don’t exist in runtime blueprints (Get Marked Frames for example).

Yes i am a bit confused too,
look like some of the things like arrays, that you can set in the editor, they go black once compiled.
Like here

The easy fix is create a variable that store that info,
in the upper case the standard value of the array is empty, to they get refreshed to empty

so create a varialbe and use beginplay, or construct event, to refill in one shot the info.
Here a bigger sample of another similar question
As you can see in the most right of the image, i have a Manual editor
where i can set a variable of array that is correctly stored, and i can use that to set the actor array in realtime in EventBeginPlay