Pass Blueprint variables after shipping

Hey guys,

in my level Blueprint, I have 3 variables that are declared and initialized.

I want to be able to change these variables after shipping the project, so that I can create many scenarios (because the simulated scenarios are dependent on these variables).

What I’m trying to make is not a game and it won’t be given to someone else. I used unreal engine to make some scenarios and then generated an executable for this task. I wanted to make it more flexible und change the variables from the shipped project.

Example for that is: if an actor in my scenario spawns in a certain range of distances which i defined in Blueprint. Can I change this range without making a new build ?

Maybe passing the variables in cmd when running the .exe. Is that possible ?

Best Regards.

0 - No se si esto te puede ayudar - Get Command Line | Unreal Engine Documentation

1 - Puedes intentar hacer que esas variables se guarden en el saveGame y modificarlo cuando quieras.

2 - Puedes hacer que la variable sea de configuración (Config Variable) y antes de compilar quitas en Packaging → Use Pak File = UnChecked, de esta forma cuando compiles pudieras modificar los archivos de configuración.