Pass a bool with action mappings

I’m finding myself making two different categories to set up different events depending on the button pushed, but the end result is pretty much the same, just slight variations. For example, when looking at a door, the character can lock it or open/close it. I need to set up two different events for two different action mapping categories even though all I really need is a bool to determine which one I need to do.

Instead of something like

Interact One
- E
Interact Two
- Q

I could have

- E bool: true
- Q bool: false

I can’t think of any major benefit to it, but it would make things a bit cleaner.

Hi _cDub, I have entered the following feature request on your behalf: UE-19521. If this is implemented, I will add and update to this post informing you of the Changelist. Thanks for the feedback.