Party Board Game Progress/Questions

I’m in the process of recreating an old board game I created in high school using the Unreal Engine. But as I am working on the project, I am coming across roadblocks left and right… and I have a ton of questions. I try googling them… and this works 90% of the time… but occasionally, I can’t find an answer anywhere (there are thousands of shooter tutorials, but not many for board games)

And that’s why I made this thread.
I’ve made several threads with individual questions… but I think I’m just going to make one for my project to keep things tidy.

My goal is once I create a simple prototype of this game I want to release it, and create a kickstarter so I can bring some other people on board to to help me with artwork/additional content/etc and perhaps sell this game one day. Does anyone want to help me get this ball rolling a bit?

What I have so far:

  • A simple title screen. User can add/subtract players and enter their names
  • The number of players are spawned on the starting block. They have their names rendered over their heads. The text faces the camera at all times. The active player gets a special color for their mesh and the name over their head. They roll 2 “dice” and move forward the combined amount. One space at a time, and the number counts down over their heads (simular to Mario Party)
  • A turn index controls the rotation of players

Which leads me to my first question.
Right now I am using “get velocity” to inform the game that the player has reached his intended target point (velocity must be nearly equal to 10). The problem is, when another player is already on the space, it can occasionally create problems. Also, it is super awkward for the characters to run forward one space and stop, then do it again and again and again.
So, I think my only solution would be to get rid of the “get velocity” method, and instead compare the locations between the space the player is on, and their desired space. I’m not 100% sure how to do this

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out in this endeavor!

Video updates will be coming soon !