Party Arena: A re-imagining of the board game + mini game party genre

Hey fellow unreal enthusiasts!

I’ve been working on the game Party Arena for nearly a year now with 1 other programmer and am finally ready to share!

Short Description: Turn based board game + mini games in between rounds (similar to Mario Party).



No dice: Choose where you want to move to.
Streamlined Game Length: 25 minutes or so, compared to 2 hours for Mario Party / Pummel Party.
Interactive Items: Push, Pull, Trap, and Damage other players. This makes the game play out more like a turn based strategic battler.
Interactive / Unique mini-games: No button mashing, no single player dodge, jump, or run games. All games directly focused on outplaying your friends (enemies).
Ranked (coming before launch): actually compete to see who is the best party gamer.

Platform: PC, Steam (or Epic if we get approved)
Controls: Keyboard and Mouse only right now (controller support coming next week)

Join us on discord!:

What do you guys think?


Hey this looks awesome. I’m in the middle of doing something similar!