Parts visibility


is it possible to toggle the visibility of parts in reconstructed model on a partial selection of them (in 1D view)? What I am telling about is something similar to selection of images in 1D and using Visible menu for all selected inputs at once.

It is a quite long time process to click on every eye icon for all the parts except the required one if a model is comprised of 300 parts circa (especially if this should be done every time a filtering action make a new component).

Thank you.

Hello Alessandro,

unfortunately, this is not possible. I will forward this request to the development team for discussion. In the meantime, you can add this feature request also to our Community and let the other users vote for your specific request to raise its priority (

If you wish to display only part of the model, you can use clipping box for this purpose. It is located in the 3D SCENE context tab. Selection tools respect the boundaries of the clipping box.

Ok thank you. I will create a feature request.