Parts of material doesn't render correctly

So I was setting up the material for a prop I made, it looked perfectly fine in the material preview. However, when I drag it into the actual viewport with a point light to see if it looked correct, part of the material (tapes on the plastic shell) is just black, with no color or reflection.
P.S. I’m using UE5 and very new to UE, send help.

What it looked like in viewport

What it looked like in the material preview

Try a sphere reflection capture. Also try it with the default level, which has this and a directional light, as opposed to a point light. It’s not really a fair comparison… :wink:

I would recommend you include your material blueprints/functions for those elements that are ‘black’. Was this something you made, or used from elsewhere - if you made it, how did you make it. All those bits of info will help people answer you. Sorry if that sounds like how to suck eggs :slight_smile: I wasn’t meant to.