Particles Spawning slow and destroying early

Created a particle system. It’s just a simple translucent sphere that fades over time with a bit of random direction (+3/-3) and a constant +z. I attached it to a projectile and it creates a perfect looking bullet trail that disperses bit random but drifts up.
Being a Twin stick shooter I dont need super fancy or detailed effects… it’s all so far away from the camera.

Also created a few sparks that shoot off the muzzle.

When i fire the particles seem to delay in spawning and the trail starts about 3 foot (relative) from the character. They also all vanish when the bullet is destroyed. Is there a way to prevent that?

The muzzle sparks also seem significantly delayed. The bullet is GONE and the look like they just roll out of the barrel… It’s like it spawns a good second after they weapon is fired…any tips?