Particles over UMG using capture 2D

I’m trying to create some particle effects over UMG, like when u earn points there’s sparkles and other shiny things going on over point value.

So my idea is to create room (like blue/green box, except that black background give best results so far) with capture 2d and particle emitter. Then attach material created from render target to image in widget.
So far I set material to Masked and shading model to Unlit, and here starts problem when I pick one of channels to create mask. I got nice opacity mask but I lose some of color information.

Is there possibility to create mask without losing any color? Or just walk it around avoiding colors associated with mask?

Any chance you can show the material node setup?

I don’t have much experience with materials so its rely simple.

By multiplying mask I manage to get less color lose but sharper edge on mask =/

Ok, give me a few minutes.

UE4 RGB Channel/Particle Explaining - YouTube Just made this, which should explain some basic stuff on particle color thingies.

Edit: not sure whats going on with the sound, it works fine on my computer.
yay for weird youtubes.

Thanks for help. Nice video, but u need to fix dual audio.
Not exactly what I’m asking, but give me some idea. Maybe I did’n expressed clearly ( my eng. sucks :stuck_out_tongue: ).

So the easiest way to explain is by screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

I got Capture 2D “recording” particle emitter.

Then I attach Render Target to material (applying RGB output solve color issue, change Blend mode to additive solve opacity problem )

And apply material to IMG in widget

If u got some suggestion to improve it I’m listening.

Once ageing thanks for inspiration. :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixed IMG