Particles on Dinos

Greetings all! Thank you in advance for taking the time to help a complete new comer. Id like to add a particle to a modded variant dino and only have it show when that dino jumps akes flight. I have found many excellent tutorials on how to add a particle that is always present and some that even seem related to this particularly but I cant seem to make heads of tails of these.

I am trying to use the EventGraph in the character_BP for the modded dino, but while the particle will show if I leave “Auto” enabled on in the ParticleSystem component when I jump the dino there is no particle. I’m not sure I’m exactly tying the event graph to the character in the proper way. I’m not sure which event to start with (BPOn Start Jump? On Jumped? BP Jump Pressed) then after selecting one at random really, I attempt to link a Spawn Emitter Attached and Attach to Component…what? A socket? A Mesh? I just don’t know.

I would greatly appreciate any insight or suggestions and will do my best to answer any questions.

Thanks again!