Particles for android development?

I have only just started to dip my toes in the Unreal waters, so, you will have to bear with me.

Using the Side Scrolling template, I have managed to change the character to that of my own and have managed to animate the little guy when receiving input. All this works great. I decided to use animation notifys to add a particle effect when the character is moving. (the character is a little robot with a little jet instead of legs)


So, in the name of making things look good, I have created an effect that leaves a small blue dust cloud behind as he animates; almost like a smoke trail. It looks great on the PC, but, when I put it on my phone, all I see is large black jagged circles covering most of the screen.

Is there a way around this? Or is there a different method to achieve what I am after?

I must state, I have ZERO knowledge of coding (I am a 3D artist) and I am following the tutorials to help me get started.



Mobile support for some particles can be limited… Can you provide a picture of your particle setup and the material associated with it? It would be easier to determine why possibly then.

@Awdogsgo2heaven, thanks for the reply.

I will try to answer as best I can.

My particle set up is based on the stock particle asset called P_Steam_Lit. I made a copy and then edited the settings to what I needed.


Then, I used this new particle asset and created a number of animation notifys which fires off the particle quite frequently.


In game, the visual is great.


However, once on my device (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 - International) the particles look a whole lot different.


I am sorry if I have missed anything, but, I am still very new to the engine and I am learning as I go.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



FYI - Same phone and I have the same problem thing.

Did you try using mobile preview also by the way?

Do your color values pass 1.0? If so you will need mobile HDR enabled, and you will need to enter this in your device profile:


Also, do you happen to have a screen shot of the material used for the particle?

I had my colour values set as though they were true RGB. (0,123,239) this makes the Cyan colour))

I reduced the colour values to 0,0.4,0.8 and the colour looks fairly similar.

I just checked and Mobile HDR is checked in the project settings and I added “+CVars=r.BloomQuality=1” to the android device profile.

I just tested it and I am still getting the same results.

I tried it in the mobile previewer and got this result (which is better than the actual mobile)


I am using the stock particle effect P_Steam_Lit, and I haven’t changed the material of it. Here is the material for that particle asset.


Would you advice maybe making my own material that is slightly less complicated and try that?



I would make a copy of that material and put it in your own project. One thing I would do is remove ‘Depth Fade’, I had issues with this in my mobile project, just delete the Depth Fade node and connect straight to opacity. Then use that new material and let me know if that changes anything.

I deleted the Depth Fade node and nothing has changed. Still getting the Black boxes.

To my understanding (which is limited at best) this is happening due to a transparency issue. Instead of rendering each particle image with its correct alpha channel, it looks as though the alpha is being completely ignored.



That’s really odd, maybe it has something to do with subuv? i haven’t used any particles with that yet. Looking at your material and particles though, I just don’t see anything else that could be causing the issue. Maybe look and see how the textures are configured?

I´m also trying to get particles into mobile for my Shield Tablet.
Most particles dont work but if you got to the material of P_Steam_Lit and change Shading model to Unlit instead of Default Lit it could work.
It worked for me in some particle emitters. Try it out.

@Awdogsgo2heaven, Thanks for all the help. I managed to get the particles working on my device. I tried that many things, i’m not 100% which one thing I tried actually managed to get them to show. I wish I could give a more detailed answer in case anyone else needed to know. I guess a mixture of all of the advice that you gave me must have made it work.

@Emomilol1213, I just tried changing the material to unlit and also disabled ‘Use Lightmap Directionalty’ in the ‘Mobile’ section of the details for the material. Both seem to have saved me on resources, so, great find! Thanks for the tip. Is there a way to keep the colour of the particles though? They were light Blue, but, are now black.



I bumped into similar issues developing for iOS. I believe it came down to removing the depth fade node in the shader that solved the issue.

Can we get data from particle cloud?

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