Particles attracted to actors

Is it possible to have particles (preferably GPU particles) attracted to an actor or another particle system. This could be using something like a point gravity in a second particle system to attract particles emitted somewhere else. (think vacuum).

I have tried a point Gravity and it does not seem to affect other particle systems at all. Another option is to use a global vector field but having lots of global vector fields overlap could cause performance problems in the simulation. Either way it is a possibility. Can anyone else think of a simpler solution?

Using multiple Global vector fields should not cause performance issues. For our recent VR Demo I attached at least 6 Global Vector fields to a skeletal mesh and spawned thousands of GPU particles at any given time. The entire demo ran at 90 FPS.

You can use attractors with CPU particles to pull them to a point in space as well.

That’s strange the documentation states:

Simulation cost does scale with the number of vector fields that overlap an emitter, so reducing the number of overlapping vector fields can help in reducing simulation cost.

In regards to attracts, that’s would be the point gravity would it not. I found it could only affect particles in it’s own system.