Particles and light not following destructible parent

Ran into a problem with my fireball. It consists of a blueprint -> destructible sphere and a particle emitter and a point light attached to the sphere. Also there is a projectile movement added.
So if I disable physics on the destructible component the whole actor drop as a unit. However if I enable physics on the destructible component the sphere drops first and a good 2 seconds later the particles and light drop as a second unit.

Seems odd to me that the actor can fall without physics enabled. Because of this I cannot give it an impulse for movement, since I either move only the mesh part, or it crashes the editor.
This setup worked perfectly when the mesh was not destructible.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I made a temporary fix, I attached the destructible and all the other parts to a root component wich is a static sphere with collision enabled. Keep collision unchecked on the destructible, and now everything follows as a unit when an impulse is given. The destructible is destroyed right away tho since it collides with its root :smiley:

EDIT2: So now I have a root static mesh component wich checks for hit impacts, whenever it hits something it wakes up the destructible component and applies proper damage to it. This feels very unefficient but atleast it works hehe. Still open for suggestions on how to make this more effective