Particle Text

Looks nice.

very cool idea !

Very nice indeed. Got any idea on a intended price point?

Thanks! It’ll probably be $24.99

Nice but why its “UNAVAILABLE” on marketplace? wanna buy

Really cool fx, waiting for it too

Excellent! I have been looking for something like this for a while, the popcorn FX is not intuitive at all… Question, can you change the text dynamically in real time as well?
actually I just saw that my question is possible… Great!

Finally got a release date! May 25!

Congrats! A few questions:

  1. How does it look when you’re up close to the particle system?
  2. How expensive is the particle system?
  3. VR?
  4. How would you pass a variable to the text input from various sources, say: Level BP, Character/Pawn BP, UMG Widgets?

1.) Depends on how you author the particle system: sprite size, # of particles, etc. It also depends on what size the font was imported as.
2.) The source coordinates for the text are generated at editor time for any static text, and generated asynchronously at runtime for dynamic text. You shouldn’t see any noticeable contribution to perf from the particle text any different from any other particle system with a similar number of particles.
3.) Yes
4.) To alter the text at runtime, you place a child component underneath the particle system of type “ParticleTextParamComponent”. The particle emitter can detect the presence of a child ParticleTextParamComponent and react to any changes on it. As long as you’re able to find the ParticleTextParamComponent from the LevelBP/Character/whatever, you can change the text.