particle systems not rendering in 4.11.2 on android

hey just to let you know if you didn’t know already, that the particle systems on android don’t seem to be rendering in 4.11.2, I know its a engine problem cause they work fine in 4.12 preview 1. it would be great if you could release a hotfix for this, thanks.

You know they aren’t gonna fix it unless you put this as a bug report on AnswerHub ?

I thought answerhub was finished now? thought they don’t answer questions at all anymore and its just for developers to help out fellow developers? no?

Not sure where you got that from. That’s basically an official bug reporting outlet. Just make sure to make a proper report, preferably with test case attached.

Currently there are no plans to do any additional hotfixes for 4.11 that I’m aware of. There were several particle issues reported with 4.11 that have been resolved for 4.12. It won’t be long before a final release happens.