Particle system

i woul like to ask for help. Iam transfering my project from Unity to Unreal. Now iam recreating particle effect for fire, I would like from Cascade to spawn random prite from sprite sheet. the only thing i have found is changing sprites through Sub UV. But that changes the sprite in life time every particle has the the same starting effect. Is there a way to have every particle difrent starting image?
(i have found something about creating more emmiters each emmiting desired image, and set up a delay on each of them. But changing delay in the Required tab doesnt seem to do anything.)

If there is someone who nows. Please let me know.

Thank you all, and i wish you a wonderful day.

In the Required module, you do need Sub UV setup (sounds like you did this). You’ll need to set the x and y based on the number of sprites. For example, 16 sprites is 4x4. Be sure to also use some kind of interpolation method.

Then, add a SubImage Index module to that emitter of the system. Set the Distribution type to Float Uniform. You get a min/max input, try 0 and 15 if you are using 16 sprites. It is the number of sprites-1 because it starts with 0.