Particle hue shift with material function

You must use “color over life” module and set it as particle parameter. When you place it in level, you should open its properties and add this parameter, or press “expose parameters” button.

Then, in level blueprint or wherever, get this particle, and use set parameter function with this parameter name in the moment when you need to change it.

Additionally, there is actually a “Hueshift” material function inside the material editor. you could drive this trough a parameter in an instance, use a material parameter collection, or as Redbox suggested do it trough cascade before you control everything trough blueprint.

If you are always shooting both at the same time, you could also look into the particlerelative time node in the mat. editor. it will output a 0-1 value over life you can use to control hueshift.

I ended up using the “Color Over Life” and it ended up working out great. Thank you for all the help.

So, I’m jumping back into Unreal after being away for a while. I’m trying to figure out a way I can shift the hue of an effect I created using something like Blueprint.

I have an effect that consists of a red particle and a blue particle, each has its own unique material, but their color information is driven from the “Initial Color” parameter inside each individual particle effect.

how can I create a handle that when I adjust it will change both of the colors at the same time?

Thanks for the help!