Particle emitter won't spawn at impact point

So a brief description of what i’m doing. I have a blueprint called LaserBeam and thats the projectile that fires out of two mount points on my space ship, that part works fine. When LaserBeam collides with something, its supposed to spawn a particle emitter called P_Explosion(the default explosion particle provided by Epic). It does that, except it’s supposed to spawn at the impact point. It could be because i’m misunderstanding what the impact point is, but wouldn’t that be where it landed on the static mesh? If so, then it is not spawning at the impact point, and instead spawning at the center of the ship where the LaserBeam(Self) component is. Here’s a video of it.

Being able to see your hit blueprint flow would help a lot.
But, just as a tip, use Location instead of Impact point and see if it works better.