Particle Emitter Scale Color/Life Value clamped?

To use the Scale Color/Life module, you need an Initial Color. Why can’t you control the color in your blueprint with the Initial Color?

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to make a simple particle emitter that I can control in my Blueprint to change its brightness.

Now the issue is that in BP, the Set Color Parameter clamps the Value to 1, removing all kind of brighness that my Color/Life module had initially.

So I have this bit of BP that is linked to the parameter in charge of the color in the particle emitter.

This is what it looks like if the BP is enable. Note that the blue color is intended just for testing purposes.
And this is what it looks like with the SAME 10 000 for value, but red instead of blue, If I disable the BP. In this case, the color and brighness come from the Scale Color / Life in the emitter. The brighness is only removed if I try to control it over BP.
But I’m not sure to understand the solution and nothing seems to work here.

Is there any way to remove that stupid clamp ?

Thanks !

With what you told me, the old question is answered, I’ve updated the thread to the new problem : the value in the picker is clamped ONLY in BP, so I have no control over brightness…

Yes I did :confused: every min Input/Output is set to 0 and every max is set to 100K.

In you Color Module, under your Distribution Vector Particle Parameter, did you make sure to set the Max Input/Output to higher than 1? It’s 1 by default and since you didn’t mention it in the post, I’ll just ask to be sure.

May be a bit late on this one but. Use the scale/color node to pick your color in blueprints, dont worry about the brightness, then in the material that is applied to the particle use a multiply node on the partcile color, set the “b” input as a parameter called “glow” and a value of whatever you want the brightness to be. You can access this “glow” parameter in the blueprints too to change it after the fact.

Might be a good idea, gonna give it a try.

I know this is old, but the issue is still there. But I found a way around it, just use a “Set Vector Parameter” node, convert the color to a vector, then scale the vector by the amount of “glow” that you want!