Particle Emitter Rotation

Hi guys,

My problem is, how can i attach mesh emitter to socket on actor skeleton, in such a way, so it follow only socket location but not a rotation.
attach settings - : component - character mesh, socket - root, location/rotation - root location and location.
emitter settings -
video -
original emitter mesh has initial rotation, which makes this thing spin,(turned off for demonstration) so when character rotates in same direction as emitter mesh, emitter spin faster and vice versa.


I would not attach it to my player…Mostly because I do not know how to make it keep it’s location if attached to a player that is rotating…it may go against the point of attaching it to a socket…
I would line trace down from the Forward vector of the PlayerBlueprint (or camera) over and over again and set location that way…

Kinda the same as me marking a decal if you need an example of linetracing and setting location… -

not gonna happen, its really inefficient to make every single emitter which use meshes as effect “skeleton” an actor and check position on tick
so my question is more about, did i miss something in particle system settings to make it not follow socket rotation or its just engine flaw
basically i want to be able to achive this effect