Particle effects?

What would be a good way to go about particle effects aesthetic wise , i’m planning on having something like flower petals falling on some stages and wanted to know how to go about it in a reliable way. Also would that be the same way for a shimmering light that would appear randomly float around a bit and then disappear only to repeat the same process at random points in a certain area. Thanks in advance for all the help and if you could be as detailed as possible as i’m still quite new :slight_smile:

Create the appropriate emitters / systems using Niagara, Configure them as appropriate. Place them in the level, or spawn them based on gameplay events.
Niagara can do literally hundreds of thousands of particles.
And, contrary to “classic” particle systems, you want to have lots of small particles; using large sheets of particles is no longer necessary for efficiency. This in turn lets the particles be better simulated and interact better with the environment.

There are some Marketplace assets that use Niagara; you might want to buy one or two and pick them apart to learn how it can be used. Just make sure they do mention Niagara in the description – Cascade is the old stuff.

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Thanks a bunch, I’ll check it out when I get a chance :slight_smile: