Particle effects training stream ?

I’ve watched Zak’s particle tutorials, but got stuck working on things like rocket/missile jet/smoke trails, sand storm, blizzard, etc.

I am wondering if Epic can make a training stream about using particles for those systems and making them scalable (mobile/VR friendly).

Thanks beforehand

Ive been advocating for more particle effect streams, but Im guessing/betting/hoping they will do much more once Niagara is released.

You can check this out for an efficient way to make particle systems: (particle stuff starts at about 25mins)

Thanks for the link, but it’s not related to UE4. I mean, I made particles for id Tech engines (different generations) and while art part is transferable, id tech and UE4 have entirely different systems, knowledge isn’t transferable from one engine to another (except for very basic stuff perhaps).

It’s just a shader. You can do that in UE4 too…

I think this stream would benefit you immensely, because I am not asking about particle materials / shaders. I am asking about particle systems (particle behaviors if you will) !!!

Particle shaders and particle systems (behavior) are closely linked. You were asking about scalable smoke trails and sand storms which you could easily make with the method I posted. Actually there’s even examples of sand storm particle systems if you bothered to watch it.

There’s also the Material and Particle interactions stream which does something similar and you could use this as a base for the D3 method. This won’t look good in VR though, for that you will have to use real geometry, for an example check out

Yes, that is the plan I have for the docs. In my free time, I have been brainstorming ideas on how to make the docs and examples better complement one another. Also just so you know, I have no official tasks to work on any Niagara docs or examples any time soon so I can not say with any degree of certianty when this will happen. I am just super pumped to use it so as soon as I do have tasks I want to be prepared for it.