Particle effects take too long to kick off in the sequence

I want to render a small part of my timeline in 2k fps for slow motion and because in real time its only 1/20 of a second or smth and because all the particle effects kick off at the beginning of the render they havent reached the point i want them to reach to look good (they are simple fires). Is there any way to have them start before it starts “recording” for the render so by the time it is recording they are playing properly or something of that sense?

Hi CurseGorgon,

Have you tried setting the WarmUpFrameCount in your sequence?


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Oh, no actually i haven’t i took a look around the web but i couldn’t find out how to do it, do you mind showing me?

edit: ive done some trial and error myself as well and i cant find anything. is it possible that i cant do it at all in ue5? Cause one their site, when i switched from ue4 to ue5 documentantion the page for the getwarmupframecount was gone and only showed 404.

Sure, It’s still in UE5, located in the ‘Movie Render Settings’ settings. (After you click the button to render a movie)

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Wow, ok that’s the only place i didn’t check, thank you so much!

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ok now i seem to have another problem. for some reason my skylight and fog actors remain off in game/render and even if i keyframe them they dont appear in my scene on the render. ive tried setting them to both static stationary and movable but nothing happens, my directional light does appear but those 2 don’t. When i was using the movie render queue some times it worked but now that im using the movie render capture (legacy) it never does. Do you have any idea why?