Particle effect on hit location not showing on client

Everything on this works, except the particle effect on the hit location doesn’t spawn on the client version of the game. The server sees everything. Anyone know how to make the particle effect spawn on the client version? Here is the Event Graph of the player: 9d40e819650ede1e54ff7895f64257a93ce8250a.jpeg

Here is the spawn particles function:

Have u checked position 0 0 0?
Make another execution pin “Then 3” and call Spawn particle there and give the Event every variable it needs.

If we look at it, we can see that the LineTrace is part of the server-event and it is finished BEFOR you call the spawn-event on every client.
Impact Location is “empty”. :slight_smile:

Like this?

And it seems to appear on the server version of the game, but not the client version. The client doesn’t see the impact particle effect but sees the muzzle fire particle effect.

Urm92 is on the right track.

The trace is being run on server side, so when getting the trace results its likely to get nothing from it and return 0,0,0 for the location. You have two options, the first is to send the location results through the 'SpawnParticle" event, OR you could re-trace the location client side.

The muzzle is displaying because it is running through a valid path (from what I can see) where it can directly get the location of the referenced actor, the trace however is required to be run locally to get the results. :slight_smile:

Oh I understand now! I got it working! Thanks for the help.