Particle efect over the UMG

Hello everyone. I need a bit of help, please. I am learning Unreal and I want to make a simple scene, 2 D . Imagine a picture of a camp fire, and when the user clicks the camp fire, it ignites. Now, I’m thinking of using UMG for this, with a particle effect to represent the fire flames. I don’t want to use another picture. So, how can I accomplish this? Also, maybe recording the number of clicks the user has done on the screen area and on the fire. Thanks in advance, and if you could explain it in a simple way it would be great.

I’ve looked far and wide for a 2D particle system, and currently, there simply is none. You could render your widget to a SceneComponent, and use a regular particle system, or you could build a particle system in C++ with SMeshWidget or with Image Widgets. You could also just make an animated texture of the fire being ignited, sans particle effects altogether.