Particle Editor Extension

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Since the 4.13 update I added some new modules and features, as well as a documentation page](Particle Editor Extension by Cultrarius)!

Feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


The new modules allow for the following new effects (bold = GPU particles

  • Custom logic module: create a blueprint or C++ class which gets
    called for each spawned particle. Allows you to define position,
    velocity or color of each particle programmatically using in-game data.
  • Spawn particles on static mesh surfaces
  • Spawn particles on procedural mesh surfaces (blueprint and C++
  • Galaxy creation
  • Swarm movement
  • Simple particle turbulence (using curl noise)
  • Texture heightmaps
  • Texture colormaps (with alpha support)
  • Force points
  • New β€œdonut” shape
  • Jiggle particles around
  • Size by speed over time

Additionally, all new modules support time settings for start delay, max
duration and looping.

Example Project:

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I added a tutorial for the custom logic module (still experimental) which allows you to create particle effects logic completely within blueprint or C++