Particle Damage? It's possible?

Hello i need help so i added on my Animation_TT to spawn my Fire particle.
But the problem is now how i can damage stuff and enemies with my Fire particle?
Anyone here have experience with that?

so how can my particle system spawn some box collision and when these box collide with my enemy or destructive mesh will make damage?

nothing? XD

i think you will want to make a blueprint that spawns with the particle system and surrounding the particle system a trigger box. that way you can add functionality

The problem is because i add my particle spawn on my Animation. so i was think if i can add the collision on my particle system.
i Found the Collision module but i don’t know how to set everything xD
i tried but i can’t add the collision

i think you will then want to make a blueprint with an offset so it will spawn in front of the character (or whereever the animation is at that time) and add a delay so it will spawn at a default number of seconds after the animation has been initiated. for as far the not being able to add collision. try making a fresh blueprint class and then adding collision and particle in.

Oh thanks for that :3 i will try.
I found this module have you never used?

i have never used it but i tried to do something similar myself. havent come around to doing it but i know how it should be done (more or less)… kinda based the knowledge of Youtube, Documentation, Forums and the already included projectile from first-person shooter

So i tried to do this :3
can you help me please?

So i added an box mesh so i set the collision only for destructible mesh… so how i can activate my box?

i think you mean activate the blueprint by collision with box. in the graph of the BP. you will be able to place an event. when the box is entered you get something like an enterbox event. when the event is called you check if it is playing the particle system, if its not playing particle system. then do nothing with the input. but when it is playing particle system. then afflict damage. or better maybe set this up to be done every tick. because the enterbox event will only fire once when the box is entered and once when the box is exited for the exitbox event. there should also be a function of some sort to check if there is something in the collision box. so when you fire the particle system. check if there is something in box. then loop that entire piece so it checks again and again until the particle system is stopped. then you activate the break on the loop so the loop will stop. obviously you will then need loop with break. if i am not much mistaken it is called a while loop with break or for while loop with break or something like that…

So how i can do this with blue print?
i was think to add one branch so when i start my attack ( if is true ) i will activate the box event.
( can explain me how i can do that? ) i never used one system like this…Thank you and sorry for my disturb

IS WORKING! so when i click my right mouse i will activate my animation particle system and after the combo reset i put one delay. so now is working very well so i used the radial damage

glad i could help