Particle collision spawn child particles on impact

Is it possible to create a particle system with collision that spawns additional particles on impact?
For example rain drops that spawn splashes on the position of the impact with the floor

#Particle Events

UE4 Wiki Link


You can use an event generator to do this, the wiki link is a good resource.

I would suggest you consider using the kill box/kill plane, coupled with a death event for spawning your splashes, CPU particle collisions can be expensive on your game thread if you are working on a real-time scene. You can offset your rain spawn locations above the ground, and leave the kill plane at 0.00, then just place your effects on the main ground surface.

If you want to use collision events to drive the splashes, (your ground is not flat etc.) I would recommend mixing GPU and CPU rain particles together to get the occasional splash, and couple this with a material on your surface that mixes a splash effect in. (This is how we handled rain splashes/impacts for Gears3.) Setup a pretty tight LOD for the collision so you are only seeing them when they are close to the camera (i.e. you don’t pay for collisions you cannot see.)

Also, we are in the midst of updating the interface so spawning GPU particles from a CPU particle via a death event does not yield an error message in the interface.

thanks for your detailed answer :slight_smile: