Partial root motion?

I don’t know if I’ll wreck anything by trying this, but is it possible to have rootmotion and non-root motion animations on the same character? I’m switching over from Unity.
If you can, how would I set it up?

You will need to select ‘Use Root Motion from everything’ in the Class Defaults for your character’s AnimInstance blueprint. Then you can use either root motion or in-place animations in different nodes of your state machine.

And just for clarity. Moving the root in an animation will cause the character’s whole body to move in game right?

You have to set “Enable Root Motion” in each animation that has root motion and set “Use Root Motion from Everything” in the AnimInstance. If you do that then yes the moving root in the animation will drive the character’s capsule or root component.

It can be mixed and matched just fine. Just tick “Use root motion” on animations that have it and turn them into a montage.

For some reason whenever I test it the animation snaps back to its original location. Is there an extra step I’m missing?

Here is the link to Unreal Engine 4 docs on RootMotion:

… the videos on that page show you exactly why you have this problem.

For some reason the rig is named in the bone hierarchy (I’m using blender) Right above the root as its own bone and I think its getting in the way

Yeah thats a major headache using Blender with UE4. The export from Blender adds the rig as the root bone for the mesh messing up root motion. Some fixes offered by the following:

I have not tried the fix for this version, but I have used an older fix for blender 2.74 from the same guy successfully. I expect this will work too.