Partial Ragdoll Hit System (and overlap full ragdoll FREE UE4 4.13 version)

Here is a partial ragdoll hit system I made for one of my games, and I am posting it for free use in any unreal engine 4 project. Its first version so its not perfect but its pretty darn cool. Also, I made the flow a little heavier than it needed to be in the bp to use no macros, less variables and to keep it all inside the third person blueprint for easier implementation into your own games. I hope you enjoy.

-Third person bp (whole thing is in there aside from physics asset)

-Partial ragdoll on hit events

-full ragdoll on certain overlaps (see next)

-Calculates force using newtons 2nd law.

-Distributes force sinusoidally based on angle. (ie. direct hits feel more force, and glancing overlaps won’t necessarily ragdoll you unless enough force is generated)

-Works with any overlap event for full ragdolls, and works with any hit event for partial ragdolls (and possibly full ragdoll based on threshold)
[this is neat because if you slap a weapon with a collision in your players hand and when you swing it (has to get passed both collision capsules so choose object channel appropriately) and it hits the mesh, it will automatically generate the force based on mass and velocity and distribute a percentage of the force between 0 and 1 based on the angle of the hit- cutrrently the angle of the players forward face. Which means in short, you don’t have to do anything to your weapons or bullet other than have them cause a hit event.]

-can be easily plugged into any damage system, or you can base your damage system off of the amount of force for easy implementation without having to code in the weapons (if its simulating physics like a bullet, it will use mass and velocity, if its not it will just use velocity and mass of the player hit, so to change damage amount based on force you would just change the mass and/or the velocity of the projectile or weapon to produce more or less force which you can use to calculate some damage system if you like.)

NOTE: damage system is not built into this, when you see players go down in video its just from a force threshold of what they could take before full ragdoll. Once plugged into a real damage system you could just make it call the ragdoll function upon death or upon serious injury even if the force wasn’t enough to knock em down. I might add a simple damage system based on the force outputs already here and a simple health bar in a later update.

-Simple Landing Event ragdoll as well. (that first step’s a doozy)

-WIP- Working on multiplayer replication, as of now it works somewhat but the ragdolls aren’t replicating properly. I cannot call this multiplayer ready, however its basic functionality seems to work okay. Hopefully in a future update I will iron replication out completely.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to do so and I hope someone gets some use out of this. If you do use it and you like it, I only ask that you might subscribe to our youtube channel or at least give a thumbs up or comment on the associated video. Thanks all!

NOTE: Added 4.14 associated project to downloads page. However, nothing has changed and if its in your project already it will have no problems updating to 4.14, it actually runs better in 4.14 from what I saw. Also, I am looking at the new way of doing this at the moment, so maybe a different version of this before long. Thanks!

To download this. Go to and in the games info list menu there is a page for this asset with a link to download for unreal engine 4.13. (its the only download link at the moment)

Awesome, this looks really good :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

this is just fun to watch hahahahahaha
this looks awesome, nice work!

The demo level is actually quite satisfying just running around in lol. I get side tracked in there. Thanks!

It’ll take a few hours to dl, but I’m curious if this is using the physical animation stuff, or is it using the older ragdoll stuff.

I almost want to DL it and just loop the **** thing all day/night on my system … hahahah
10 out of 10 simply based on that.

I tried downloading it twice and after trying to open it, it says that the zip is invalid.

Thats odd. I double checked it downloaded in 5 minutes and opened.

Here’s an alternative link ← this one was slow for me, but should be up for a month.

and another option <— this one is also a month and downloaded a little faster. (I’ll find a more permanent solution)

I hope one of these two alternate links work better (personally I’d try the 2nd one,) not sure why the main link was giving you trouble, anyone else have trouble with the main link? let me know…

For rest of you, I would try the main link first, but if you have trouble try one of these alternate links!

Sorry about the trouble!

Or if you think that it is not the transfer but the zip itself you are having trouble with, I have since added a new zip zipped with 7z as an alternative download link on the page under games info list. If it doesn’t show up, just the first one does that means you have been there before and the page has cached the info, sometimes holding shift while pressing refresh will refresh the page cache, and the since updated link should show up.

Or here is the direct link to the alternatively zipped package on the main host.

For those who didn’t see the download page until after this post, you should be good and see both download links without deleting cache history. The links above are the same file as the first link on the download page, but on alternate hosts. Hopefully some combination of those should be fine if any download issue happen.

But to Saxonrah, it utilizes setting simulate physics below or full simulate physics depending on circumstances, mainly force and said force distributed through a sin with an an input between 0-90 and out put between 0 and 1 as a multiplier against the force for a percentage, then it tests against thresholds. Its just a basic setup in the blueprint, a few triggers. Event Hit (mesh), Event Overlap, and Event Landing. Nothing crazy fancy. Just a decent setup with small amount of variables for easy implementation.

Hey Bud - thanks for posting this up… brilliant stuff - i looked at all the code and drooled a lil… Im using 4.14 and am having a bit of trouble trying to put my own mesh into it and have it react like the mannequin. When you do that and give it a go on my level, the thing wont fall over or react like in your vid etc but when you leave nav mesh it goes spaz and does doughnuts haha… I tried to copy paste the code to my own chars bp all at once but the editor crashes every time. Consider this a bug report/question on how to set it up properly on something other than your supplied mannequin. If i can get this working, my game will be well and truly on its way
warm regards

Copy and pasting is crashing on you? Are you using a solid state drive per chance?
I’ve noticed that copying and pasting on UE4 running off my solid state causes crashes.

Anyway, I responded to your email and we can work this out in your project. Did you keep the same physics asset when you changed the mesh? or did you change that as well?

For simplicity its best to use the physics asset I have set up for that mannequin, or else it will just spazz out. You will have to adjust the new physics asset yourself if you were to use a new one, and set some parts rigid, and set others to constraints to make it do it right.
So, if your mesh is roughly the same humanoid shape as the mannequin I would just use the physics asset that comes with it. Also, I will be redoing this using a fresh from scratch new project which might eliminate the copy paste crash issue, and hopefully this next round will be better than this one.

If you are using the right physics asset that the mannequin was using and its still doing that, I wouldn’t mind taking a poke at it myself if its not too large of a project or if its not sensitive material, or maybe even take a whack at adding your meshes if you want. One way or another we will get you straightened out on this old version, and upgraded when the new version comes out. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to use this in your game and thanks for your kind words about it.

Oh, it also might be that its not triggering the hit event. If you are using my player example than it should already have the proper overlap stuff on it and set to the right things, but if you are using your own player character it might not be fully set up for overlaps to trigger events. Also, dumb question… but are you moving fast enough to generate enough force to trigger the fall downs? Good old newton’s 2nd law… F = ma got to get that a up :slight_smile:

On a separate note 4.14 has been tested and works even smoother than it did in 4.13, must be that long list of stuff they worked out in bugs between versions trickled downhill and made my little project here seem smoother.
So… on there are new download links with projects associated with 4.14 for download, no updates… same thing. So if its in your game or demo already no worries, whenever you update it should go swimmingly, if you have updated (I am a bit late in port news sorry) you saw it still works fine. I will be quicker next time there is an engine update to report.

Also, since my classes in my final semester are easier than I thought they would be I will be looking at following Xodroc’s suggestion on the youtube video and looking at newer ways of doing this now rather than later, if it pans out into something I’ll be putting that out for people to play with as well. Thanks. -MDO

Bro is not working please provide another link