Partial destruction of static mesh plane

Hi all

Is there a possibility of partial destruction of a single static mesh (let’s say the plane 8km*8km) when using either standard Destrictible component or some existing plugin?

In a nutshell, I have a plane and some ‘contact points’ where impact with another mesh happens. I need the plane to be damaged exactly in those points (make a hole, for example) and fragments with physics behaviour are generated in that hole.

As far as I figured, this behaviour can not be achieved with the standard destruction and I need to write something on my own. That’s what I imagine: when receiving an impact event do the next:

  1. Substract from plane mesh A a circle (or another shape) mesh B with the center in the impact point.
  2. Create two UStaticMeshComponents (instead of previous A): B as Destructible and A-B = C as ordinary Static mesh. Or maybe just manipulate with A mesh and delete from it triangles that were moved to B?
  3. Trigger B destruction.
    Things are not clear to me are how to find B triangles and translate them into static mesh.