Partership with Xamarin and SSD friendly-library

  1. SSD friendly-library:
    not being able to move the downloaded content from my primary hard disk (SSD) to a secondary disk is rapidly filling my storage space.
    examples, templates and stuff from the marketplace should be downloaded in a user-selected path.

  2. Xamarin:
    Im using the Blueprints system for quite some time now and i’m really productive with it, still I would be more with C# and with the same effort.
    Blueprints is just another language to learn, all nodes need to be searched for the first time on google like you would normally do with any other language (btw the the answer hub is great).
    All you get in return is a “context suggestion” that you always tick off in order too see more option that you maybe missing,
    Intellisense can do far more and far better (since you are working with visual studio have you ever tried the “bing developer assistant” on NuGet???, it takes the world to another dimension).

Now, I can see that you can’t force people to learn C++, but C# is far more easy and much more productive! it would be ideal as an intermediate language.
Xamarin released something that could do that but it is buggy and too far behind from the official engine version, but with a partnership it could be the best replacement ever of the blueprints system!

just a few key points:

  • Blueprints needs to be learned like C#, it is not that easier and you will always face some limits.
  • C# is the most productive language ever, while there is no point in learning blueprints other than using it with UE4
  • by using C++ and Blueprints the answer hub is divided in 2 while if you had only 1 script language it would mean 2 times the answers at answer hub
  • Roslyn (the new compiler) is open source, cross-platform, and it will be released really soon.
  • .NET framework (or still the mono version of it) makes a lot of things easier, just think about working with a file system, a database, HTTP messages, Azure
  • and what about LINQ, PLINQ and the async/await feature??? Once you try those features you can’t go back.
  • Commercial WIN! I know a lot of people that works with Unity (I did some stuff myself) and the only reason why they don’t move to Unreal is C# (and the easier import procedure I have to say…)!
    and btw, they have a really old version of the .NET framework while Xamarin has the last one.

hmmm, i’m new too but i’m a cheater and read backlog on forum

Whaaaaat, Launcher has no settings???
Shows how to re-point Vault Cache directory to another drive in Windows.

The definitive answer for this, see who the author is (and thought was put into the answer, so read it slowly):
Why not XYZ

Xamarin/Mono costs a lot for commercial use so I don’t see it happening.

That would make C# Windows-only .Net unless you pay a huge license fee, I think, which may be a contributing reason.

If you want to use C# a group of developers here could work on it.

I am having some progress with direct communication between C++ and C# so I can recompile the C# code and run scripts, all while the game is still running. Working Proof of Concept here:

Thanks, it seems that you answered both of my questions

The first one was already requested and is not yet been implemented (but it should be)
and I guess that I will keep posting in the other thread for the second point.


sry, hate low level stuff, I prefer paying other people to do that ahahha