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Fate is a non-linear (open world, quest as you want) story-driven stealth-action RPG, set in the Lovecraftian mythos, and played from the perspective of the cultist. I’m including a link to our first Kickstarter (which we were not prepared for. We’ll be doing it again, the right way), for anyone who wants to deep-dive. That should give a detailed look at the features in the game.

Includes: Kickstarter Page



Team Structure**:**
Kyle Richter - C.E.O., Creative Director, Lead Game Client/Systems Architect, Lead Network Engineer
Danial Adams - C++ Systems Engineer
Rahul Shekhawat - Senior C++ Engine Programmer
Trevor Nelson - Game Client Scripter/UI developer
Silvano Junior - Lead 3D Artist (Modeler, Rigger, Animator)
Ben Lindsay - Lead UI Designer
Gifny Rachata - Lead Concept Artist
Daniel Marthaler - Lead World Developer (Environments, scenes)

Previous Work:
Campfire Website

Talent Required:
Cinematic Producer

  • Firm understanding of cinematic scene composition
  • Firm grasp of shot positioning and how to use angles to create compelling video
  • Expert understanding of The Unreal Sequencer and tools for Film

“Fate” - Right now, the website lists the game as Fate of the Elder gods, but this WILL change. Fate Page

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Skype: live:.cid.cc61df7550845308 (It won’t let me change this, because I created the Skype account from my Microsoft account)