[Part-Time][Contract] Paul Ouellette - Blueprint / C++ developer

Hi All,

I am a hobbyist game developer looking to join a team to learn more about the engine, become a better developer, and get a released game under my belt. I’ve been working with UE4 off and on for about 2 years now, in my free time, mainly creating prototypes. I have an Associates degree in game development and am currently working full time as a web developer using ASP.NET (C#), HTML 5, CSS3 and javascript.

C++ / Blueprint Scripting - 2 years off and on in spare time
UDK - 1 year through schooling
C# - 4 years in web development


E-mail: pouellette25@gmail.com

Additional Information:
Since I work full time, and have a newborn at home, the most hours I could put in during a week is around 20 hours.