[Part-Time] [C++] Computer Engineering student looking to expand his horizons by working on a team!

Hi All,

Like the title says, I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Engineering. I graduate next summer, and I am interning as a Software Developer right now. Since July, I have also been working my spare time in Unreal Engine, doing everything; C++, BP, Animation, AI, working with the GUI, Level Design, Etc. However, recently I have been plateauing in my progress. However, I really want to continue with this, and therefore, I am offering my services.

  • I have four years’ programming experience, in C/C++/C#/Java, as well as working with Web Development (JS/AngularJS/SQL. At my current job, I work with .Net products).
  • I have experience working with Blender, as a hobby since about 2010. It has been off-and-on work though.
  • I have been working with UE4 since it went free no-paid subscription. However, it wasn’t until last July that I really started to get into the API and understand it.

I can provide my LinkedIn/GitHub, current project example code, assets built from Blender, etc. upon request. I can provide part time work. I am aware that this will likely not develop into a paid salary position. At this time, since I am currently working as a software developer, this will be a remote position.

Thank you for your time, everybody. Any questions may be directed at me, either here in this thread, or in private.

Hey Aericks,

I’ve sent you a PM.

Would you be interested.

Would you like take position as programmer at SCOG GAMES? We are developing a third person shooter that is set in a world wide conspiracy where humans from the future are secretly ruling the world.

Hi Aericks - we’re looking for more people to jump onto Matchoo. I’m an experienced games industry vet gone rogue (errr, indie), with a project about to launch into beta. While launching shortly it will continue to be developed and unlike most projects at this stage is about to get to the fun part of development.

pm me if you want to talk further about what the project is and how you could contribute.


Are you still available? I have a game in the works and would like to have you on the team.