Part of Painted terrain matieral does not render

Created the level in 4.26, where the landscape itself was made. Then migrated the project to UE5 by creating a blank project and moving the files into that folder.

Created a landscape material in UE5 and then an instance of that which is what’s applied to the terrain. Here’s a pastebin with the blueprints:

While I was painting the terrain, the section pictured above unloaded (as if to build the material) and just never loaded.

Anyone know what is going wrong here? Is there an easy fix?


Seems like it only happens when I start painting the 4th layer

try you check number of texture samplers in material limit is 16 you can adjust count when change sampler source to shared

Sometimes I have seen landscapes get ‘stuck’.

Click the landscape to select it, and in the properties panel slide the #-of-paintable-layers slider back and forth to force it to reset.

The sampler limit above me can apply to all materials, including landscapes, although that usually presents as a black landscape vs the checkerboard pattern.