Part of my player character is not implementing the blueprint interface??

I didn’t think this was possible but I’ve added a blueprint interface to my player character and then I’ve set up an NPC to check to see if the object that hits it is implementing the interface before it goes into ragdoll mode (to prevent physics objects from knocking it down). I’ve added two Collision Spheres to my player’s fists with a collision preset of Block All. When I run into the NPC, he ragdolls so the Collision Capsule is implementing the interface but when I hit him with my fists, the “Is using interface” branch returns false. Not sure why that would be nor how to fix it.

Here’s my event graph on the NPC and a screen shot attempting to show the hits not registering:

Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

You did not provide the picture of your event graph. Or rather it seems you attempted to but it failed (I can only see “alt text”)

Those are the two images I posted

Yeah if the character didn’t have the interface the rest of the game wouldn’t be working. Like I said, it works fine if I run into the NPC with the Collision Capsule that comes with a new character but the custom collision spheres I added to his hands don’t register for whatever reason.

Yeah I just checked it with a print string. It gives the name of my character blueprint

Did you try to verify that “Other Actor” is indeed your character and that your character in fact has the interface during runtime?

What about the reference you get from “OtherActor”?

But that’s a completely different issue then!

You have a collision detection issue! Not an issue with those elements not implementing the interface!

In fact, I made the collision spheres visible in game… they’re being ignored entirely like they don’t exist. I’ve set their collision to block all and then parented them to the hand bones of the mesh’s skeleton. Maybe this is the problem. I’m gonna try to attach them to the hands manually through blueprint.

Yeah it’s weird though cause it was giving me the fail message before. It’s not anymore… weirdness.
Any idea why the collision spheres aren’t registering hits on the character’s Capsule Component? The spheres only seem to work once the object in question is simulating physics. So I can knock the NPCs around after I ragdoll them with the player character’s body. I’ve got Simulation Generates hit events set on the spheres and on the NPC’s Capsule Component and I’ve also tried adjusting the NPC’s capsule component collision settings to no avail.