Part of mesh does not show

Hello everyone.

I am having a minor issue with part of a mesh not showing when viewing one side. When I view the other side, it shows fine. Everything looks fine from the side that shows it, no distortions, nothing missing. It is just the other side that is not showing. I turn the view and it just disappears. I have to believe this is just something in the UE settings that I am not seeing. Here are some screen shots. Thanks for any help!


I just had a similar issue.
The reason was an offending Ngon in the mesh topology.
Is your mesh strictly quad?


I actually fixed it by flipping the polygon in 3ds max. Anyone know if there is a way to do this in UE.

There is no way to flip the Polygon in UE4, because you cannot edit static meshes geometry. You will need to use a 3D modeling software to do so. The only alternative would be to use a two-sided material if you did not want to edit the mesh.

It looks like your mesh is a single vertex thick? I would use a solidify modifier (I think it’s called “shell” in 3ds) to add some thickness to your geometry.

Virtually all game engines cull back faces as an optimization because you usually don’t want to render (or even bother processing) triangles on the inside of your regular meshes. You can use a double-sided material, but that will interfere with the engine optimizing out all the inner triangles if you use the material on other objects.