Part of animation(Run/Attack) is glitching while plaing in layered blended pose

I’m trying to blend running animation and attack animation with layered blend pose.
It works mostly, but looks like that when attack animation starts to play, run animation resets and start playing from the beginning (from left leg). So when I’m spamming the attack, lower part of the body stacks.

How can I make “running” animation playing whole time without interruption?

My anim state:

Video with a problem:

Hi there,
Not sure if this is the cause, but you want to check if you attack animation has “EnableRootMotion” or “RootMotionLock” set to true. If so, that might be causing the glitches, as you don’t need this feature enabled.

Other than that, recheck the blending settings in your Layered Blend per Bone. (Blend root motion, for instance)