Part of 3D model breaks after import from blender to UE5


First of all, I have no prior knowledge of blender. I am trying to export a model from blender and import it to UE5. Most of the parts of the model work fine but a few part’s transform breaks in UE5. I would love to know where the culprit is.

Thank you in advance. :innocent:

Hey, are the broken parts “children” of any “driver” objects?
It would make sense, that these parts of the wings can be controlled by a Empty-Object or any other Driver-Element in Blender to Rotate/Move all of the individual parts at the same time with one “Parent” Element or Armature.

If so and it is NOT important to keep these relations: select everything (a) - press alt+p and select “clear and keep transformation”. Now everything should be at the highest level of Hirachy. Export fbx as usual.
Make sure: Export → Geometry Tab - Smoothing from “Normals Only” to “Faces”
Armature Tab → Uncheck “Add Leafbones”