Part glass materials

dear epicommunity!

I have been struggling with this problem for days. I am trying to get same results in unreal engine as I get in substance painter; creating single material that includes metal and glass, mix of transparent and nontransparent metallic reflective surfaces in a single material. so here’s description of my problem with pictures:

this is my model in substance painter and sketchfab :

and this is same object, with same textures in one material in unreal engine :

as you can see, my transparent surfaces act like non-transparent and in a weird way. I have already tried double sided, made sure my normals and tangents were imported correctly, tried all blending types and much more double checks I learned from google over past few days.

how do I get rid of this issue? is it even possible to fix this without creating multiple materials and texture sets thus increasing asset files?

is it possible to get same results as I do in sketchfab and substance painter?

so many questions, so little time…,


You’re probably going to have to split the glass to a separate material, since it’s got to have a transparent shader for the entire thing it messes with the depth rendering.

If you just assign 2 different materials to the respective polys and leave the UV maps as they are, you should be able to just reimport to unreal and set 1 copy of your mat to transparent and the other to opaque. In 3ds Max, just add an editpoly onto the stack then tweak the mat ID’s and apply a multi/sub material to the mesh. Blender, just add 2 materials to the object then assign them to their respective polys.

Thank you guys,

I ended up using second material for glass. It’s nice to know there’s nothing else to be done :smiley: