Parse Blueprint nodes & node data / Extract info from BPs to file


There is currently still no functionality to save blueprints as human-readable text files. They are always binary, although there were mentions of text-format being researched by Epic Games at a conference.

My goal is to create static game asset data as blueprints, basically creating a logic that drives events, most of the info for that being static and the graph defining how things are connected and how the flow works -> this is a good way to visualize what is happening and also I assume debugging will work built-in for my purposes.

Now, if I want to be able to parse these static assets to extract info from them, e.g. to put them on a web page for easier overview, I am faced with an issue, since I cannot easily parse the graphs or have found no info on this.

Potential Solutions
I have two ideas how to solve this:

  1. Add a button to the editor that goes through all of the blueprint’s nodes somewhow in succession and collects info from the nodes on the way, then custom deseralize this collected info into a file.
  2. Add a button to the editor to use/abuse the copy paste functionality to get all this info. Then processes these files tocollect the same data as in 1 to save it into a separate file.

Is Solution 1 or 2 feasible? Which one is easier?

Personally I prefer 1) because it seems straight forward but how can I go through the nodes in succession? Preferrably starting at the Tick node or another event node.

I could not find any examples or similar functionality that does what I want. I also could not find how the copy-paste to clipboard collects the graph info to get a ctrl+a functionality based on that on a button but on the other end of things: looks very promising in regard to the feasibility of parsing the copy-pasted graph contents - which lead me to solution 2 as a potential way. But then again looking at the clipboarded text data format it looks like hell to parse :confused: