Parse Backend Plugin Module

More of a WIP post, but since there’s not really a way to post sexy screenshots of back-end, (only lame puns)…

Parse ( allows you to add cloud database services to your game, allowing for cloud storage, downloads, user accounts and more.

The module I’m working on expands on the json plug-in to use the REST API and convert the json information into blueprint form.

I would be interested in the ability to use parse in Blueprint…Hope/Don’t think I am the only one.

Throw in the ability to have a server browser list and it would be one heck of a service.

I’m not sure what you mean by a server browser list. The plugin is setup to work with the Parse REST API.

For example, user logins are performed with a HTTP GET request to , with an application id and key in the headers.

Some examples of Parse functions done in blueprint. Signing up a new user, and 2 object queries.