Park House

Here is my last project made with a coworker for modeling. We try to get à good lighting for a good render time.
Critic and comments are welcome.

is this a real project? The location looks a bit too good to be true ;). I like the general mood of the scene. The lighting is good as well. Some textures look great. Some lack of detail brings it down a bit and some of the assets used are not the best quality. Well - I know its hard to find really great quality assets for unreal arch viz right now. Anyway - if you’re main goal was the airy open and light mood, you definitely achieved it.

hi, thank you for answering.
The project is just a personal project , not commercial, it was just a way for us to try different things in UE4.
it is someway inspired by the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe…

Continue to comments and tell us what you like or not, it help us a lot.


great work! keep on building!