Paring Arduino I/O with Unreal Engine v4


This is my first post. The context of the problem I am facing is that I am an experimental psychologist and I am attempting to learn Unreal so I can develop immersive environments so I can run psychological experiments in them. The issue I am currently facing is that I want to pair an Arduino board that controls voltage output to a thermal pain stimulator. The stimulator will also have an input back to the board that reads its surface temperature. The issue I am faced with is how to control the input and read the output of the Arduino so that I can control the stimulator. The idea is that events in the game will trigger the thermal pain stimulator. I have done some looking online and in this forum and it definitely seems possible (perhaps through a windows thread) through the serial port. Does anyone have any input on how to get this project working or specific resources that I can check out? I have some moderate programming skills, unfortunately not in C or C++. So imagine there is going to be a learning curve here but I am cool with that. I just need to figure out where to start.



Start here:

The link above uses VS 2008, however, you will need VS 2013 so that you can use it for UE4 as well.

Also another possibility would be to communicate with the arduino using OSC messages, there is a plugin already that works well

of course direct communication would be nice but if you wanted to start prototyping, OSC is pretty robust… i recently did a project where we sent OSC messages (floats) to a robot - wireless using xbee-so the robot could talk.

but in any case an arduino plugin would be great, i will start following this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks catalejo. I really like the OSC idea. That like a plausible and readily implementable idea. I’ll keep this thread updated.


I further found this website for working with the OSC on the Arduino helpful.

If anyone has other good resources for working with OSC don’t hesitate to send them my way.


Check your forum messages Eric.

Hey, was wondering if you had any luck getting UE and arduino talking, trying it myself now and getting lost a bit, thanks!

p_cat not quite yet I have had to put the project on the sidelines as I push through some more immediate projects. I’ll probably be able to resume in May.


Ahh cool , thanks for the reply, i am gonna try get something working and ill post anything i get working.

Hey Eric,
Just wanted to let you know that I just released a UE4 to Arduino plugin if you still need that functionality.

You can check it out here :slight_smile:!

Oh wow this amazing!!! Thanks! Eric

Here is a video of the the servo control circuit being controlled by Arduino which is receiving input when the character enters trigger boxes in a first person shooter environment. The setup was remarkably easy. I am still in development noxious pain stimulator but that should be coming on board in the next 2 months. Thanks Fusionlabz and grizly32!!!