Parentless blueprints

Hi Epic and the Community,

I think you should create a good and UI way to fix parentless blueprints without using CoreRedirectors. This is a very irritating problem. Maybe, such a parentless blueprint should get the closest class of the one it derived from. So if my class was a child of an AActor, and my class was not found by a given blueprint, it should take the AActor class as its parent. And then we can open a blueprint and reparent it to my custom class replacing an AActor. Something like that.

Oh yeah, this crap is painful…

It could impossible to do it the way you propose. If parent class ceased to exist, you can’t check its parent anymore.
Besides, more often you want to have an error and fix it instead of simple reparent AActor. If we had proper tools for that… like “Reparent blueprint” option in context menu of file selected in Content Browser.

Thank you for your post. Yes, Epic should really find a solution how to handle it in a friendly way. UE4 is an amazing software but there are some pitfalls.

It is a strange thing but I can open the BP without its parent class, but I cannot re-parent it again. It cannot find the class or its super classes.

Epic is focused on some awesome and advanced stuff, but such small but irritating things seem to be neglected.Yes, the “Reparent Blueprint” option. It would be great. Please, Epic, free us, developers, from this nasty problem. All UE4 users will be grateful, I’m sure.

It’s possible to modify an asset factory and add a context menu button to do that (that menu when you right click a Blueprint) then invoke a custom panel to change parent class without executing the Blueprint Editor.

@VictorLerp could maybe pass this along to the dev team?!

I’ve come across this myself many times. I’ll see if it might be possible, thanks for letting me know.

Thank you, guys. I love using UE4. Keep up the good work.