Parenting two static mesh in Blueprint


I have a problem with parenting/attaching two static meshes.
I want to attach my rotor mesh to the player ball in sort of a way, that the rotor mesh doesn’t rotate along with the ball mesh.
So the rotor is always facing upward, it’s follows the ball mesh location, but it’s rotation will never change.

Here is a visual representation of what i want to achieve.

And this is the current setup of the player Blueprint.
Mesh BP

How could that be done in UE?

Any help is appreciated!

I don’t really know exactly how you would like your bp to behave but I’m thinking maybe you can try locking some of the axis? I would parent your motor under the ball and then maybe set the ball to enable physics with rotations locked? If this doesn’t work then you maybe have to do it in event scripting.

The axis controls are in the physics section in the details tab.

I needed to make it in a event graph, it’s definitely not best solution but it works.
Also, i tried to make it with a skeletal mesh that copies the ball mesh rotation with copy bone, but it had jittering problems.
First, i needed the ball mesh world location, after that i set that to the rotor mesh with the ball mesh location hooked up to it and with the rotation set to 0,0,0.

Here is the result:

The blueprint setup:

Thanks for your answer!
I have solved my problem. :slight_smile: