Parenting and IK

Problems with IK foot setup

Ok, so for the past couple of weeks we have been working on getting an IK foot movement system working, I have gone as far as I believe is possible without the use of plugins.

My IK setup is as follows.
Two IK bones in the animation graph going from the thigh to the foot bone.
a socket on each foot for tracing and placing feet
(it is not a standard copy of the content IK example, I am using anim notify to enable and disable as well as run traces on where the IK bones should be moving to. this way I can sync my feet to the ground with the animation.)

The Problems
The pelvis bone for the art rig, influences the foot_r and foot_l bones.
The layered blend per bone is god awful. -non intuitive way of selecting bones.

(moving the pelvis moves all other bones with it even though it is not root)

This means, if I am going up stairs or another steep slope that force character weight onto the back foot. I cannot move the pelvis down to get the back foot into contact with the ground. (which is not how IK works.)

I know I am probably doing something wrong because I see IK bones in the default character setup.
however the content example for IK does not use IK bones specifically. it uses the default character skeleton.
some help would be greatly appreciated. I have got my feet successfully placed in world space and moving well for everything exept steep slopes.

Possible solutions:
Re-rigging the character to non ART standards.
Using copy bone to copy my IK bones transforms when I use them. and set up the IK two bone node on them.
Use a paid plugin like ikinema which I really do not want to have to do.
Possibly, counter any movement I do to the pelvis bone using my IK system (means I can’t use my foot trace to figure out how far to move the hips and must use a static value)

Any hints, tips or tutorials would be amazing.

Thanks - Fenrix

Hi! Did u ever find a solution for the pelvis bone to not influense the feet bones? :slight_smile: