Parent Vector?

Hello people! =D
I’m fiddeling with a construction script for generating houses, and i’ve run into a bit of a variable issue xD.
I’m not the best at programming and I would normlaly call me an environment artist :wink: but I have gotten most of this working with some smart loops and stuff.
Anyhow I digress.
So my problem is now that im making some of the “Interactivity” of this tool is that im basically have some vector parameters with “Show 3D Widget” enable so i can drag each wall of the building in differnt directions. you know like each wall is labeled X+, X-, Y+ and Y-. The problem Is that I want a “Global” size for the buidling and then like section sizes as well. So what i want is basically I drag the Global Vector and the “Child” Vector sorta speaking or sections vector moves in relation to that. IS there a way to do that? In the Construction script ofc.

I know how to walk around this problem but it won´t work as interactive by adding simple int offsets instead from the global but thats not as fun! xD
Anyhow I hope it’s understandabe what i wanna do =P
And thanks if someone can help!

Can you show any pics or a diagram?

I tried to make a diagram quick xD but it’s not very good… If it’s still unclear I’ll make a in engine example when i get home =P
To clearify, this is mainly to make it interactible. As i don’t know any other variable that can be selected and dragged in the viewport insted of the details panel. I tried to convert it to a relative transform to V1 and then set it but… the vector just flies away xD