Parent socket name wrapper with property editing widget: UE4ParentSocket on GitHub

Hi All,

Just wanted to share one more piece of code I’ve created when working on a plugin. It’s a wrapper for parent socket name (socket in a parent scene component) with convenient property editing widget. Property editing widget allows for choosing socket name from parent scene component of the scene component containing the parent socket variable.


ohh great, thanks, a thing I wanted to implement but there is always something more important…

It appears that if you add a SceneComponent to an Actor using Blueprint Editor, that SceneComponent is completely disconnected from its Attach Parent and its owning Actor while edited in Blueprint Editor. This isn’t the case for SceneComponent that is inherited from C++ base Actor (didn’t test for this with Blueprint base Actor). This wasn’t handled properly by my PropertyTypeCustomization.

I was able to work around this with quite an ugly hack. I had to find the Blueprint Editor instance that was editing the Blueprint, and then get the parent SceneComponent through this editor. The project has been updated, so you can check for yourself :wink: